Backup the database and files of your Laravel app to S3, FTP, or SFTP

With Eddy Server Management, scheduling backups for your servers is easy. You can schedule backups for your databases and files, and it supports remote backups to S3, FTP, and SFTP. When it comes to privacy, we’ve made sure that your data never passes through our servers. Backups are uploaded directly from your server to your backup destination.

Create a Backup Disk

Before you can schedule backups, you need to create a backup disk. A backup disk is a storage location where your backups will be stored. This way, you can reuse the same backup disk for multiple backup schedules. The “Backup Disks” section is in the top navigation bar. From there, click the “Add Backup Disk” button to create a new backup disk:

Backup Disk at Eddy Server Management

Create a Backup Schedule

You can create a backup schedule once you’ve created a backup disk. Go to the server you want to create a backup schedule for, and in the sidebar, click the “Backups” link. Click the “Add Backup” button to create a new backup schedule.

You can pick a name for your backup, select the Backup Disk you just created, and choose to backup your database, files, or both. There’s an option to exclude directories and files, and of course, you may set your backup frequency.

Backup Schedule at Eddy Server Management

Other than that, you can configure the retention policy for your backups. You can choose to keep all backups or only a certain amount. Lastly, you can choose to receive email notifications.

Backup Jobs

Once you’ve created a backup schedule, Eddy Server Management will configure a cron job on your server to run the backup at the specified frequency. As said, the backup process will run entirely on your server, preventing your data from passing through our servers. After the backup has been configured, there’ll be an overview of the backup with the total size, the next run date, and a list of all jobs created for this backup schedule.

Database and File Backup overview at Eddy Server Management