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Eddy is an open-source solution for seamless server provisioning and zero-downtime PHP deployment.

Backup the database and files of your Laravel app to S3, FTP, or SFTP

With Eddy Server Management, scheduling backups for your servers is easy. You can schedule backups for your databases and files, and it supports remote backups to S3, FTP, and SFTP. When it comes to privacy, we’ve made sure that your data never passes through our servers. Backups are uploaded directly from your server to your backup destination.

Understanding Caddy's SSL Modes

While the default settings are fine for most sites, there are actually four SSL modes you can choose with Eddy Server Management. You don't have to update configuration files to change the SSL mode manually; you can do it from the Eddy Server Management UI. In this article, we'll explain their differences and how to choose the right one for your site.

Using Caddy to deploy Laravel apps with zero downtime

Caddy 2 is a popular web server written in Go. It is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It is also very easy to configure and deploy. In this tutorial, we will see how Eddy Server Management can help you deploy Laravel apps with zero downtime.